Any and all information found on this website is entirely for educational purposes, and should be treated as such. root25, and it's author cannot be held responsible or liable for any actions directly or indirectly related to the information, techniques and knowledge learned by the provided information.
The intended purpose of this website is to help people to learn more about information security and defense their computers, network, and websites. We DON'T encourage any "hacking" activities.
Don't forget information security is a major and penetration testing is profession.  You should know, that no one should use the content of this website for any unethical purposes.


  • Do all of your experiments in a virtual machine without connection to outside world (Network or Internet)
  • Don't do malicious things.
  • Don't attack a target unless you have written permission from the owner of the company.

If you do something illegal, you could be sued an thrown into JAIL!

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